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6" Chef's Paring Knife

6" Chef's Paring Knife

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The knife designed for everyday use in the kitchen!

The perfect tool for cooking any dish, made to be used every day in the kitchen. The Linden & Sons Chef's Paring Knife is extremely versatile, with its 6" blade is easy to handle, making cutting vegetables or meat a breeze.

Makes the perfect gift for chefs and cooking enthusiasts!

ULTIMATE CHEF'S KNIFE: The perfect kitchen tool for all purposes, the Linden & Sons knife is extremely versatile, delicate enough to be used as a vegetable knife but also strong enough to handle meat and other sturdier food. Made with a smaller and more delicate blade, it is a good option for a sushi knife as well.

A LUXURY ITEM ON YOUR KITCHEN: Designed in Italy and handmade in Brazil, this knife was made to be a premium item in your kitchen, making the art of cooking easier and more enjoyable.

EXTREMELY DURABLE: This full tang knife is developed to to resist corrosion and dulling, using premium knife steel that prevents damages on the edge.

EASY TO SHARPEN: Due to it's unique handmade proccess the blade is extremely easy to sharpen, just use a simple sharpening steel rod and it will be sharpened for a very long time. This way you spend more time cooking and less time worrying about your knives.

PREMIUM WOOD HANDLE: Luxury handcrafted wood handle, Linden & Sons produce premium items, respecting the highest brazilian cutlery standards. Each chefs knife is a unique piece of art.

Technical specifications

  Blade material: 420C stainless steel (surgical)
  Handle material: Premium wood
  Blade length: 8"
  Total length: 11"
  Width: 2"
  Thickness: 3 millimeters
  Sheath: natural leather


How to maintain your knife

Precautions during and after use:

Do not use the knife to cut bone, wood and hard materials to avoid denting the
edge. The blades are extremely sharp so you get the best cut possible.

Always wash and dry your
knife thoroughly immediately after use. We also recommend passing oil on the
blade to avoid oxidation.

Do not wash with the
abrasive part of the sponge so as not to damage the edge and the polish.

Do not use dishwashers.

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The knife for every occasion!

Designed to be the everyday knife in your kitchen. The Linden & Sons Chef's paring knife was made to cut any type of food necessary, using a reduced 6" blade for easier handling.

LINDEN & SONS, for those who cultivate love for the kitchen!

Our brand was developed for those who love cooking and value quality and luxury items. Cooking isn't just about making food, it's a way to connect with people and cultivate good memories. With Linden & Sons knives, all of this is made easy.

  • Surgical stainless steel

    Developed in surgical stainless steel (420c), a steel made specifically for the production of knives. Its main characteristics are a precise cut and easy sharpening. Another positive point of this material is that it is stainless, not requiring any special care and ensuring a blade that is always shining

  • Handmade

    All our products are handmade in South Brazil. All blades undergo a finishing and performance review
    to ensure that the delivered product goes beyond your expectations.

  • Durability

    For greater durability, our bladesmiths perform a heat treatment on the blade that increases the hardness of the steel and guarantees high retention of the edge.

Bladesmithing tradition

We are a company where
bladesmithing is our passion, all our knives transmit our tradition. All
products are unique pieces, manufactured with certified quality materials. We
hope to be with you in many good moments.